The EGB Business & Convention Center includes a spacious and luminous cafeteria ; its catering service mixes modernity and pleasure, and offers a wide range of healthy and tasty cuisine, on a self-serve basis. You will be sure to satisfy your taste with our traditional French cuisine and wide variety of warm dishes, vegetable, salads, cheeses, fresh pastries and drinks.

A tripartite agreement can enable the companies to benefit from a reduced-rate VAT, and subsidize at a chosen level the meal expenses of their employees. 
The cafeteria is open to all, and is a perfect place to relax before going back to work, without wasting any time...
The catering service also offers coffee and refreshment breaks in meeting rooms, as well as buffets, cocktails, seated lunches and dinners in the private dining-room.

Centre d'affaires EGB, 5 avenue Georges Bataille, 60330 Le Plessis Belleville - Oise
Tél : 03 44 60 52 64 - Fax : 03 44 60 54 76 - Location de bureaux - séminaires - réunions